Values and philosophy Marketing around you

As representation of our philosophy of work and the values on which we based our services, we have created the denomination MARKETING AROUND YOU.

This new concept of consultancy locates to the client as axis of all our work. For that reason everything what it worries to him, surrounds to him or it affects to him in commercial matter and of marketing, it is automatically a center of work for us.

MARKETING AROUND YOU follows the philosophy 360º that supposes an absolute commitment with our client at the time of offering our services, basing us on 7 fundamental pillars.

To know everything what surrounds, affects and worries to our client to be able to contribute the best commercial solution.
To offer all type of services in commercial matter. An integral service that reduce interlocutors, loss of communication, etc.
Delivery and availability 365 days to the year.
To surround us by professionals who complement our work and who can benefit the client.
To make of our client a fellow worker by means of a near and personal treatment, in which each restlessness or suggestion is taken care of.
To offer flexible, customized solutions to the specific needs of each of our clients.
To adapt us to any typology of clients, all the sectors, all the categories.