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Interim Management Marketing

You need support to create and to develop the area of marketing of your company? Or supervision and advising in questions related to this area? …

This modality of collaboration usually is applied in periods of transition (either by the initial creation of the department, by the resignation, low volunteer, sick leave or accident, or by the dismissal of the integral people of the department).

For this reason, our work finalizes at the moment at which the created department begins to work independently and autonomy and already has created the necessary processes and protocols for its correct operation and decision making.

Interim management is suitable for projects in which our participation with our cheap vps server hosting clearly would concentrate in a work of consultancy and external consultant's office in strategic matter of marketing, valuation of proposals and analysis of already existing subjects, proposals of improvement, etc.

For these cases, we propose two formulas of collaboration:

  • Honoraria per hours, if the number of hours to realise concrete and outside not very numerous.
  • Fixed honoraria to the month, if a continuous collaboration in the time is desired. This possibility would include a number of actual sessions of work as well as an availability of access to the consultant via telephone or by email throughout all the contracted period.

The specific valuation of the project to realise and the elaboration of a budget is determined based on the characteristics of the service that is precise to render, of the time of dedication, necessary resources that they are due to use, periods of execution, etc.

The habitual phases of this type of projects are:

  • 1
    Initial Audit of the company in commercial matter and marketing

    The objectives are:
    To value the present situation of the company in commercial matter and marketing.
    To until now, analyze the defined strategies and actions as well as the results obtained until the moment.
    From this audit we will be able:
    To design a plan to make it better using java, or others and with the main lines of improvement and proposals of action within the commercial area and marketing.
    To determine the specific needs of the company for the execution of these lines and the resources that needs to arrange to undertake them.
    To design an internal plan of organization with whom to confront the execution of these lines and proposals of action.

  • 2

    Support in the creation of the department of marketing of the company

    • To define the profile of the position to cover in relation to the noticeable and indicated actions.
    • To collaborate and to support to the company in the selection process, participating in the selection processes and contributing a valuation of the preselected candidates.

  • 3

    Support to the new equipment of constituted marketing, by means of collaborative work, advising and coaching in commercial matter and marketing.

  • 4

    Work of collaboration and support to the CEO, General director or Committee of Direction during the period of implantation of the plan of improvement and defined proposals of action by means of:
    Participation in meetings of the directive equipment.
    Collaboration in internal work parties for the execution of specific projects (development of products, equipment of innovation, etc.).
    Advising under figure of consultant in commercial matter and marketing.
    Reinforcement in the process of decision making.

  • 5
    Support in the pursuit of the implanted actions and valuation of the results obtained in commercial matter and of marketing.