What are the Marketto Gadgets

The Marketto Gadgets are 100 pills, with format of advice and recommendations that all entrepreneur and professional of the company must have present in its management of marketing and the commercial area.

They are based on the experience of Gabinet Marketing of 15 years in the world of the consultancy, as well as in the one of consultants accredited in the support to enterprising projects by the Foundation To undertake in Aragon, where they have rendered more than 1,700 hours of technical attendance to entrepreneurs in these matters, as well as the intervention in than 70 seminaries to entrepreneurs surpassing more the 1,500 assistants.

Its name is due to that gadget is a tool, a small practical and ingenious resource that it can help us at the time of confronting a certain situation, becoming thus our Marketto Gadgets commercial tools and of marketing that will help in the adventure to undertake.

These advice and recommendations have been classified within 9 categories: Idea of business, strategic exposition, investigation of markets, strategy name brand, product strategy, strategy of distribution, strategies of communication, commercial management and competitions of the entrepreneur to assume these workings.

Every week we published a new Marketto Gadget

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Kitchen mhelp in each category to accede to the Marketto Gadgets
Strategies of communication
Commercial management
Competitions of the entrepreneur