Formation in Marketing and Commercial Direction

Also from the formation we helped to people and organizations with solutions of creative Marketing and Direction Commercial, innovating and effective.

Specialized courses, Factories and Seminaries

Specialized courses, Factories and Seminaries

We are collaborating habitual of institutions, organisms and centers of enterprise formation (IAF, Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Saragossa, Huesca, Teruel, Navarre, Lleida, etc.). We surpass the 14,000 hours as training in formative actions of diverse duration, directed to workers, unemployed, in active-duty enterprising, etc.

The contents of these courses usually are tie to matters as:

  • Marketing, Sales and Commercial Management
  • Foreign Trade and Marketing the International
  • Management, Administration and Direction of Companies
  • Strategic planning of the Company
  • Enterprising capacity and Development of Projects
  • Management of Purchases and Management of Stocks
  • Human resources and Personal Abilities
  • Office automation applied to the commercial land, etc.

In addition, from 2007, Luis Fco. Married he is Professor Asociado of the University of Saragossa, Area of Direction of Marketing and Investigation of Markets, where he has distributed matters as:

  • Strategic marketing/Commercial Direction/Product and Innovation
  • Analysis and Investigation of Markets/Commercial Distribution
  • Economy of the Company/Introduction to Marketing
Communications, Conferencias and Speechs

Communications, Conferencias and Speechs

We participate as Training Rapporteurs and in action of awareness, motivation and enterprise development organized so much by institutions and organisms as by Aragonese and national companies.

Some examples have been:

  • Formulas to create relations and bonds with the clients
    Encounter of Students ESIC. ESIC, BUSINESS&MARKETING SCHOOL. 2013
  • Executive seminary: 20 keys to optimize my commercial management
  • Prestige in the sport market: Marketing of Services
    University the International Menéndez Pelayo. 2012
  • Strategies of Communication in Micro-enterprises of Creative Economy
    Saragossa Undertakes. 2011
  • Strategies of Communication and Commercial Abilities
    Course of enterprise Initiatives led by enterprising women. IAM (Aragonese Institute of the Woman). 2010 and 2011
  • Foundations of Strategic Marketing
    Elaboration of Enterprising Projects. IAJ (Aragonese Institute of Youth). 2010 and 2011
  • Social networks for entrepreneurs
    Enterprising women in Network. IAF (Aragonese Institute of Promotion). 2010
  • The Keys of Strategic Marketing
    Viability of enterprising projects. It lines up of the Somontano, IAF (Aragonese Institute of Promotion) and IAJ (Aragonese Institute of Youth). 2010
Formation In Company

Formation In Company

We offer formative actions in accordance with the real needs of formation of your company (days, factories, courses, corporative formation…). We executed them of principle to aim, being able to participate from the initial diagnosis of the formative necessity to the practical application of the formation. Gabinet marketing offers the best option to you to make competitive your company through the formation that workers and managers need.



We collaborate with the organizations by means of the figure of Coach to improve the abilities, attitudes and aptitudes of his workers in the performance of his professional work, looking for to increase his productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. This philosophy of the Coaching facilitates the interchange of knowledge, abilities and experiences, foments an atmosphere of continuous formation, support and responsibility.

Between our clients of this area

Government of Aragon
Aragonese institute of Promotion
Aragonese institute of Youth
Aragonese institute of the Woman
University of Saragossa
University the International Menéndez Pelayo
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saragossa
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Huesca
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Teruel
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cantabria
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Navarre
Cambra de Comerç de Lleida
ESIC Saragossa
Kühnel School of Businesses
YOU ARE Open Studies Superiors
Foundation San Valero
Integra group