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Luis Francisco Casado Román

Luis Francisco
Married Roman

Partner Director
of Gabinet Marketing

[email protected]

Lawyer in Economic and Enterprise Sciences (University of Saragossa).
Masters in Administration and Direction of Companies (ICADE).
It graduates in Direction of Marketing (School Commercial and Enterprise Superior).

Professor Asociado in University of Saragossa, Department of Direction of Marketing and Investigation of Markets, from 2007.

Consultant accredited as Expert in Support of Enterprising Projects, Commercial matter and of Marketing, by the Patronage of the Foundation To undertake in Aragon.

Technical director of the Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication of Kühnel School of Businesses.

Expanded to training experience as and coach of company, accumulating more than 14,000 hours distributed.

Previous experience in AYANET (consultancy), GARAGE COAST (automotion), MEMORY SET (present ESPRINET, computer science), SET OF DISHES ENERIZ (present ARC distribution, household).

Andrea Tienda Corella

Corella lies down

Person in charge
of Projects

[email protected]

Graduated in Marketing and Investigation as Markets (University of Saragossa).

It has developed to his race in the field of marketing and the digital world, where one has been in charge of the management of contents, exposition of digital strategies, management of social networks, etc. in different projects from companies of reputation as B/S/H/ELECTRIC HOME APPLIANCES, 3 LEMON, and DECATHLON.

Ana Gómez Ferrer

Gomez Ferrer

Person in charge of
Creativity and Design

[email protected]

Lawyer in Beautiful Arts (Polytechnical University of Valencia).

12 years of experience in the area of the creativity and the graphical design and Web.

Previous experience in ENDPHASYS TECHNOLOGIES (technological services), ECODES (organization of sustainable development), GESCONET (computer science services), ARAGON FORUM (formation), GLOBAL DIGITALIS CONSULTING (computer science services) and School - Factory of the Delegation of Saragossa (conservation and restoration).

Alfonso Lample Yubero

Lample Yubero

Corporative and digital marketing

[email protected]

Graduated in Engineering as Industrial Design and Development of the Product (University of Saragossa).

Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication (Kühnel School of Businesses).

Previous experience in IKEA Saragossa in several fields: development and pursuit of commercial campaigns and organization of events, communication in store, design and programming of the Web and elaboration of trade agreements with collaborating companies.