Consultancy in Marketing and Commercial Audit

Strategic marketing

Strategic marketing

You want to maintain themselves in the market and to obtain a good positioning?

In Gabinet Marketing we offer different services of Strategic Marketing that they will help you to reflect on the values of the company, knowledge where you are and where you want to go and that they will suppose the base on which to support the actions of marketing of your company.

  • Plans of Marketing
  • Commercial plans
  • Strategies of positioning
  • Branding, Audit and Desarrollo name brand
  • Product development
  • Strategies of commercialization,
  • Strategies of communication and enterprise diffusion
  • Internal marketing
  • Strategy Web
  • Programs of loyalty and relational Marketing
Investigations of market

Investigation of market

You want to have information excellent and valid to make decisions?

To analyze the market, the motivations and habits of purchase of his consumers, the strategies of the competition and the tendencies of the surroundings, they allow to make right decisions. In Gabinet Marketing we presented detailed information obtained by means of different techniques and tools of trustworthy investigation that will make your available exact information and from the market in which you operate.

  • Information of market
  • Analysis of competition
  • Focus Group
  • Mistery Shopping
  • Personal interviews
  • Studies of opinion
  • Surveys of satisfaction
  • Test of validation of concept and product Test
  • Test of naming

Strategies of Commercial Direction

You want to make profitable your commercial efforts to the maximum?

In Gabinet Marketing we studied and we implanted means necessary to be able to carry out the sale of the most profitable and beneficial form for the company, considering the necessity to cover the objectives with invoicing. For it, we put at the disposal of the Commercial Direction of the company a series of services that will help him in the performance of their functions.

  • Commercial planning
  • Commercial audits
  • Strategies of commercial organization
  • Design and creation of commercial control panel
  • Programs of enterprise standardization
  • Programs of improvement of commercial quality
  • Plans of remuneration
  • Selection of personal commercial area and Marketing
Strategy of contents and Community Manager

Strategy of contents and Community Manager

You want to be present in the networks, to interact and to contribute interest contents?

The continuous relation with the objective public and the contribution of contents of interest for them has nowadays become two of the more important commercial arms and which a company cannot do without. Our equipment of consultancy will help you to define and to manage a strategy of contents and to put them in march.

  • Services of Community Manager
  • Creation of the profiles of company in social networks (Facebook, to twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, etc.)
  • Management and maintenance of the profiles of company in social networks
  • Action of invigoration of followers
  • Management of answers and commentaries
  • Creation and update of contents of interest for the different public from the company according to the strategy and temporality previously fixed
  • Article writing and revision for blogs and the news

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