Gabinet marketing participates in the program DESIGNS accredited MORE 2018 as consulting one in the matter of management of the design

The Area of Industry, SME, Commerce and Crafts of the Government of Aragon and the Aragonese Center of Industrial Design (CADDY) reactivated the Help earlier this year Designs More, nonexistent from the 2010.

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It designs more

Transmedia storytelling: a novel tendency to count your history

In a hyperconnected world, in that in addition we are bombed and sometimes overflowed of information, data and contents, the challenge is, more than ever, to catch the attention of our spectators.

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Category management: the management by product categories

Category management is a process of business shared between manufacturers and distributors whom it tries to manage, to administer and to evaluate the product categories as independent units of business.

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Branding: the creation strategy name brand

The term branding is an anglicism that is used to make reference to the process to make and to construct a brand. It consists of developing and maintaining a set of attributes and values name brand, in such a way that they are coherent, appropriate, distinguishing, susceptible to be protected legally and attractive for the public of the company.

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Internet as scope of our undertaking

At the moment more than half of the world-wide population it uses Internet, with a growth don't mention it less than 30% with respect to year 2016, according to the report of Social We Are 2017. As a result of the use of the new technologies, our lives have changed and therefore, the enterprise world also.

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The experience of the client as value differential

The companies are crossing difficult and complex times: they must face mature markets, very competitive, where to be different itself it becomes difficult more and more. In fact, the reality is that we are living a little while in which the competition is aggressive and it is becoming a war of prices.

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It learns to communicate successfully through design

It is demonstrated that the information that we received from visual form is more effective, since the images create an immediate effect in our brain and remain more time in our memory. We lie down to listen that the content is fundamental - and to a certain extent is truth, but the message will not arrive so far without a good design.

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7 reasons by which of putting in practice the Thinking Line of vision

The Visual Thought is something innate to the human condition. From the prehistory visual representations have been realised to express ideas, to count histories, or to confront problems. Nowadays, also we received visual messages constantly and in multiple formats as telephones, cards, signals of traffic, etc.

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The advantages of the Inbound Marketing for your commercial strategy

Every time Marketing is being spoken more of the strategies of Inbound, but to what we talked about with this term? It consists of a set of nonintrusivas techniques of marketing that allow to be able us to catch clients through the combination of several actions of digital marketing.

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Why we have to realise satisfaction surveys?

To know the satisfaction our clients, employees, suppliers or any tie person with our organization becomes a fundamental factor and of high value, since it will allow us to make decisions that influence in the objectives and the course of the company.

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Keys to optimize your webpage

The presence of your company in the surroundings online is vital, but also it is important that your webpage is an accessible, comprehensible, attractive site and with interesting content. One is your showcase online, reason why it is necessary that it is optimized to obtain that the client feels that has been worth the pain to consult it.

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Advice to improve your positioning in Internet

To be positioned well in Internet is fundamental if we want to be in the first positions of the finders and to obtain the greater possible traffic to our website. In this entrance we go to present some of the basic strategies necessary to position to you of natural form, what is called positioning CATHEDRAL.

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Internet as communication strategy

The enterprise communication has changed, mainly from the reinforcement of Internet and the use of the technologies of the information in the companies and the families. Internet comprises of our lives, but, in addition, it allows that any person who has a shining idea and a business strategy that endorses it can create a product or a service and to sell it anywhere in the world.

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Proactive commercial equipment

In an enterprise context so competitive cambiante and as the present one, the individual behavior of our force of sales, and its way to face the client and the attainment of the commercial objectives, plays a decisive role in the success of the company.

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How to construct a good logo

The logo of the company is the element that constitutes the graphical representation of the corporative denomination or the brand. Through logo, the company is easily able to be identified and to be recognized.

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The importance of the investigation techniques

In all process of investigation of markets, to obtain the data that needs, the interesting thing is to be able to combine different techniques from investigation of market, considering the diverse public objectives of the company. This combination of diverse techniques of investigation will allow us to enrich the conclusions of the report and to have a more complete vision of our surroundings, clients, competition, etc.

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