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Gabinet marketing participates in the program DESIGNS accredited MORE 2018 as consulting one in the matter of management of the design

It designs more

The Area of Industry, SME, Commerce and Crafts of the Government of Aragon and the Aragonese Center of Industrial Design (CADDY) reactivated the Help earlier this year Designs More, nonexistent from the 2010. With these help they deal to foment and to impel the management of the design and the identity in medians and Aragonese small businesses, as it bases differentiating.

The CADDY is the center of reference of technical character, of the Department of Economy, Industry and Use of the Government of Aragon, that carries out the functions of promotion of the activity of Industrial Design in the Autonomous region of Aragon. The Department of Economy, Industry and Use tries, through system of Help Diseña+, the implantation of a method for the management of the product design as a part of the enterprise management, with the purpose of assuring a greater degree of effectiveness for the companies in its relation with the market, equipping to this with majors characteristics with innovation, differentiation and adaptation to the user.

In this call 2018, Gabinet Marketing has been accredited as consulting specialized in the modalities of Design of the Corporative Identity and the Brand and of Design of Services, being the consultant who has reached the principles scores in both processes of homologation.

Gabinet marketing began its participation in this program in collaborating 2006 as of the consulting Factor YOU GO, led by Ramón Añaños, in the project of Villamayor Flour factories. Later, in 2009, and again next to Ramon and his equipment, Gabinet Marketing it participates in the project of identity name brand of the companies Central of Reserves and Evokes (previously VAT Vending). In 2010, last call until the one of this year 2018, we were selected by Group TM for the management of his project of identity, being from the same the creation of the brand NEXOLANG, line of business at the moment in progression and fort development after all the work carried out.

Participant companies in the program DESIGN MORE

Call 2018

The program Designs More is characterized to offer help to the design to Aragonese companies. For it this year has established three modalities. All of them include the work of consultancy and the work of design:

  • It designs More Product: related to the product design.
  • It designs More Identity: related to the management of the corporative identity of the company.
  • It designs More Services: related to the design of services.

In this call we have managed the projects of identity of two located Aragonese companies in as different sectors as the meat sector and the audio-visual sector of marketing and. Both selected within the module Design More Identity.

Within our work was the consultancy work, which began with an audit of the situation of the company in the matter of corporative identity. Later we realised an important external study applying different techniques from investigation (surveys, interviews, focus group, etc.) to obtain data of quality and results that allowed to determine some trustworthy and specific conclusions in this matter. In a moment we will be able just a little bit to tell more on each project and carried out actions you, but meanwhile we wanted to thank for all the people who have collaborated of a way or another one in these projects their time and its dedication.