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Transmedia storytelling: a novel tendency to count your history

In a hyperconnected world, in that in addition we are bombed and sometimes overflowed of information, data and contents, the challenge is, more than ever, to catch the attention of our spectators. It is for that reason that is taking protagonism the concept from transmedia. Transmedia


All we know that the brands have histories that need to make arrive at their hearings

The concept of transmedia is not nothing new, but now he is much more forceful thanks to the new technologies and to the social networks.

The narrations transmedia are counted through several supports, whose histories comprise of the set of this narration. All the stories have a bond and these are conformed to the characteristics of each support to benefit from their strengths.

To count histories on a brand (or still better, the history of the brand) of a implicante, exciting and participating form is a very good way to establish an emotional bond with the consumer and to turn it into the perfect diffuser of the brand and its main prescriber.


Process of communication transmedia


It is necessary to consider that a history is constructed from values, beliefs and points of view, not from supplies and promotions (in the case of Coca-Cola it would be the happiness, not the fact of being refreshing or to have a sale price to the attractive public). A campaign transmedia works of way opposed to a conventional campaign. Instead of repeating the same in so many average ones as is possible to us, each new meeting point must be a different impact. Each new impact enriches previous and the total of the communication. The idea is to be in all the possible means (transmedia) counting a single history.


What is necessary to make to create transmedia storytelling?

  1. To determine which is the message that we want to transmit.
  2. To fix our objective public.
  3. To create a history that him can interest to ours target.
  4. To adapt the message to each means.
  5. To establish conversation with our hearing in each phase of history.

This video of Draftfcb agency, one of the greatest agencies of publicity at world-wide level with headquarters in New York and Chicago, shows of graphical way and detailed everybody to us of the communication transmedia.

In Gabinet Marketing we are in agreement with the affirmation of which they will perhaps only end up prevailing the brands that know to count better histories, and those that counts them on average the suitable ones. For that reason, we animated to you to that you deepen in this subject because certainly is the future of the communication.