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Branding: the creation strategy name brand

What is branding?

The term branding is an anglicism that is used to make reference to the process to make and to construct a brand. It consists of developing and maintaining a set of attributes and values name brand, in such a way that they are coherent, appropriate, distinguishing, susceptible to be protected legally and attractive for the public of the company. That is to say, branding is based on creating a personality to the own brand.

Branding is a discipline that is born from the necessity to handle strategic concepts more lasting than the own campaigns of communication and that goes beyond a denomination, of a design and an precise campaign.


The importance of branding

To construct a brand is an essential work for any company. Although many directors and managers consider that to have a good product he is the unique thing that matters, is not thus. According to Sasha Strauss, founder and director of Innovation Protocol, are not enough with being the best ones in functional subjects, are necessary to create “belief system” or “system of beliefs” around the brands: a unique form to see the world.

Branding will help you to create a personality to your brand, to present its vision and values and will help you to differentiate to you with the competition.

To day of today the differentiation in the market is crucial. Without differentiation our brand cannot be distinguished of others, it is not first that come to him to the mind to the consumer, we will not secure our objectives and will finish disappearing.

In order to make a good strategy of branding we must make different questions us:

  • Who we are?
  • How it sees our public us?
  • How we want that it sees us?
  • Where we want to arrive?

When questioning these subjects we will be able to know to us what type of strategy we must adopt, marking of a clear way all the points that we can arrive to improve to get to secure the objectives that we considered as brand.


Not to confuse BRANDING with BRAND

Normally the term branding usually is confused with the term marks. Nevertheless, the BRAND is a word, a name, a symbol or a combination of these elements, that identify to products and services of a person or company, in addition to distinguishing them of products and services of third parties. On the other hand, the BRANDING is the creation of a concept that means a unique experience, matchless differential and for ours target.

About the development name brand from the point of view of branding we must think about four fundamental pillars:

  • Notoriety: to what extent it is recognized and remembered our brand.
  • Perceived quality: what quality level is attributed to our brand.
  • Loyalty: measurement in which the consumers of the brand remain loyal to her.
  • Associations: set of signs, ideas, values or causes that are associated with the brand.


Benefits of branding

  • It allows to differentiate to you from the competition
    Your image name brand is first that recognizes the users, and if you work it well it will help you to that your business emphasizes between the others.
  • As much investment in marketing will not be necessary
    If the users know your brand, you will not need to campaign to present to you constantly.
  • It creates unit feeling
    He is simpler to feel like part of something when you can visualize it.
  • It increases the feeling of coherence and force
    A good strategy of branding will help you to that your brand of an image of coherent and solid itself and that your company is considered of trustworthy confidence and.