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The experience of the client as value differential

The companies are crossing difficult and complex times: they must face mature markets, very competitive, where to be different itself it becomes difficult more and more. In fact, the reality is that we are living a little while in which the competition is aggressive and it is becoming a war of prices.  

On the other hand, we were in a while in that the profile of the client is changing and evolving quickly. They are becoming more demanding, better they are informed, they demand a greater attention and they ask for customized and adapted products to his needs. In this sense, we are being with a type of client whom it does not only look for to cover his basic needs, but hopes to in this way receive new experiences and emotions during the purchase process.

To put some data, 66% of users who have changed name brand have done it by a poor service. In addition, 67% of the users find in a bad experience the reason to leave a brand. Against this background, to measure, to control and to analyze the experience of the client are fundamental to be able to offer the best service to him.

The management of the experience of the client becomes a strategic proposal with a view to future. It will allow us to differentiate us in a market where the products and/or services are becoming “commodities”.

Of what it consists to manage the experience of the client?

One is to in detail detect, to analyze, to manage and to control each one of the stages through which it passes the client during the process of purchase:

  • Ever since it is in his house thinking about a concrete necessity,
  • the information search,
  • the purchase decision,
  • how it pays,
  • our goodbye,
  • its later recommendations,
  •  etc.

As company we must be present in all this “way”. For it we must know them and act in each case adapting us to the profile of the client. Here it is where the success of the experience of the client resides and, therefore, the one of our companies.

In order to analyze all the stages through which it passes the client, the call “Customer Journey Map” is used. She is one of the multiple tools that will help us to analyze emotions, feelings and impressions that happen through the mind of our client during the purchase process.

One is a tool of Design Thinking that allows to visually represent (type map) each one of the stages, interactions, channels and elements by which passes our client (and his experience) from a point to another one of our service.
In another post we will explain to you with more detail which are the steps that we must follow to make a client map and to manage his experience.