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It learns to communicate successfully through design

It is demonstrated that the information that we received from visual form is more effective, since the images create an immediate effect in our brain and remain more time in our memory. We lie down to listen that the content is fundamental - and to a certain extent is truth, but the message will not arrive so far without a good design. Some studies demonstrate that the contents with beautiful designs are able to arrive at their public a 228% more than those than present less attractive designs.

In this way, the paper that exerts the designers is very important to obtain that our corporative image transmits confidence and credibility, and to obtain that our products and services arrive at our objective public of more effective and attractive way.

With the height of the social networks and the development of the TIC, the graphical design has been democratised and is an element within reach of all type of companies, from the SMEs to the great multinationals. In addition, they also have increased the expectations with respect to the design, since the users hope that the products are intuitive, easy to use and that they cause positive and rewarding experiences.

To invest in a good design is to bet by the success of your brand. The present surroundings are supersaturated of messages, reason why it is important to support you in the design to be able to differentiate to you and to emphasize of the competition. It is necessary to spend time to also determine the message that we want to send, but how we are going to do it and what image is going to have our communication to be able to reach the greater impact.

What must characterize a good design?

  • It must be attractive
  • It must be functional, easy and simple
  • It must generate confidence
  • It must reinforce the message
  • It must contribute visibility
  • It must be comprehensible by the objective public
  • It must be in accordance with the objectives of your business