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7 reasons by which of putting in practice the Thinking Line of vision

The Visual Thought is something innate to the human condition. From the prehistory visual representations have been realised to express ideas, to count histories, or to confront problems. Nowadays, also we received visual messages constantly and in multiple formats as telephones, cards, signals of traffic, etc.

Why we have to think visually?

It is demonstrated that 75% of the information that we received enters us by the eyes. Only 25% rest we caught it by the rest of senses. In addition, the visual exchange of information increases the retentive one until a 90%, since it supposes less effort than to read a text. Our brain processes the visual reconnaissance 60,000 times faster than what it takes to him to decode a text, increasing remarkably our capacity of understanding and synthesis.

At the moment we lived in a complex world, saturated of data, and suffer problems of infotoxificación. For this reason, it is necessary to count on strategies or forms to think that they help us to synthesize better the information.

The images help to understand the landlords more easily us; when seeing we give them to him information to our mind to be able to construct an idea with more facility. The power of the line of vision is more and more necessary stops to put in value an idea, a project, an organization or a brand.

What we understand by Thinking Line of vision?

The Visual Thought or Visual Thinking is a technique that consists of representing ideas through simple and easily recognizable drawings with the aim of:

  • To organize ideas.
  • To define objectives.
  • To identify problems.
  • To contribute solutions.
  • To generate new ideas.

We do not have to prentender to draw the reality. The Visual Thought consists of understanding an idea and transforming it into something comprehensible by all the public.

In addition, one of hándicaps that usually finds people is the deficiency of drawing knowledge. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to know how to draw to practice the Visual Thought, but this methodology is learned with practice and being inspired by others.

Why we have to put in practice the Thinking Line of vision?

  1. The graphical language is universal, allows to connect and to communicate with any person at world-wide level.
  2. A very high percentage of the population thinks of visual form, in words, not allowing a greater approach of the knowledge.
  3. The retention in memory of an image is major that a set of words.
  4. 75% of the information that we absorb we realised it through visual channel.
  5. Drawing, the concepts are internalised and consolidated better.
  6. The images help to mentally mark better complex situations on a map, feelings, hierarchies, etc.
  7. When drawing, the ideas flow and are arising new by the way.