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The advantages of the Inbound Marketing for your commercial strategy

Every time Marketing is being spoken more of the strategies of Inbound, but to what we talked about with this term? It consists of a set of nonintrusivas techniques of marketing that allow to be able us to catch clients through the combination of several actions of digital marketing. One is to include, to guide and to help your ideal client in his process of purchase from the same moment that detects its necessity, so that you much more generate intense and lasting relations in the time. In fact, there is one who it prefers to call it Love Marketing.

The derived benefits to put in practice the Inbound Marketing are multiple:

  • It increases the interaction of the client.
  • It generates confidence.
  • It improves the loyalty of the client when using less invasive practices.
  • It improves the image name brand.
  • It favors the pick up of qualified traffic and the conversion of leads.
  • Help to the positioning of your brand.

Many techniques exist to be able to attract the users, but some of the most used are:

  1. Marketing of contents

    One of the necessary techniques so that the users remain in your website is to create content of quality, original, rigorous and that contributes an added value to them.


    Not only it is enough with the content, but initially we must have visibility in Internet and for it is essential to be placed in the first positions of the finders.

  3. Marketing in social networks

    These tools are key to multiply the visibility of our contents, obtaining a greater reach. They allow to share the contents and to even obtain that they are viralicen.

  4. Email Marketing

    Through the adapted campaigns of mailing to the needs of the client we can be able fidelizar it and to turn his initial interest into our product or service in a purchase.

  5. Analytical

    The analysis from the traffic to our website is fundamental to obtain data exceeds what is working and what not (products, campaigns, etc.), to improve it and to increase the conversions.

As example and so that it is understood better, the creation of a blog in our webpage it can be a great idea to create interesting content for our public. We must think not only about which it interests to us to sell as company, but also in what information can be excellent and useful for them. Only if we can in the skin of the consumer we are able to attract them until our contents. Also we can help us of the social networks to share the information generated in our blog and to secure a greater reach of our publications and, consequently, to increase our visibility.

But it does not have to remain there, but it is important to know how to redirigir that traffic, for example, to our website where the information is on our products and services. In the end, the main objectives that we looked for with the Inbound Marketing are, on the one hand, to generate brand, and on the other hand, to increase the number of conversions. But we do not have to only remain with the pick up of a new client, but we must be able to maintain it in the time. For it we must continue working in maintaining satisfied them offering useful information to them and of value for them. This way we will obtain his loyalty and that they recommend to us.