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Why we have to realise satisfaction surveys?

To know satisfaction our clients, employees, suppliers or any person tie with our organization turns into factor fundamental and of high value, since it will allow us to make decisions that influence in the objectives and the course of the company, with the purpose of to improve so much the product as the service that we offer to all of them. In the end, to obtain that each one of the groups of interest feel well with the service that we offer is key to obtain that they remain with us.

For it, it is necessary to know which are the needs of our public, how they value the offered service, to what extent they would prefer the one of the competition, why they show preference for our products against others, etc. Based on which we need to know and of the group to which it goes directed the satisfaction survey, we will choose a type of survey or another one.

In any case, one is a very useful tool to extract information and not necessarily expensive. In addition, it reports multiple advantages for the company:

  1. It improves the satisfaction of the interest groups

    One of the main objectives of the satisfaction surveys is to obtain that our clients, suppliers, employees, etc. feel satisfied with the service that offers the company. If we listened to and we take care of his demands, we will obtain to positive results it company as to foment the repetitive purchases, the cross-selling or the publicity mouth mouth.

  2. It improves the knowledge of the company

    It allows us to know what the interest groups think envelope we and on our products or services. The satisfaction surveys become a thermometer that allows to measure in what situation is the company with the aim of finding improvement opportunities.

  3. It improves the communication

    The satisfaction surveys also put in evidence how we communicated the things, and that often what we want to transmit are not just like they perceive our public. In these cases it would be necessary to review the message and how we communicated it.

  4. It improves the decision making

    The obtained results of the satisfaction surveys will allow us to make decisions facing the future from the company and, if necessary, to redefine the raised objectives.

  5. It improves the direction to the client

    It will allow us to consider the needs from our clients and to focus our model of business to offer a better service to them.

  6. It improves the transparency

    Realising satisfaction surveys our groups of interest will perceive that we are an open organization who worries to improve and where the opinion of all the involved groups is fundamental for the success of the company.