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Keys to optimize your webpage

The presence of your company in the surroundings online is vital, but also it is important that your webpage is an accessible, comprehensible, attractive site and with interesting content. One is your showcase online, reason why it is necessary that it is optimized to fulfill these objectives and to obtain that the client feels that has been worth the pain to consult it.

We presented the fundamental keys to you:

  1. Time of load

    One of the main reasons of abandonment of a website is by the excessive time of load. So that the Web loading quickly you are due to avoid to use in the main page very heavy images or videos that reproduce automatically. Time is money, and the users will value positively that they can accede immediately.

  2. Attractive design

    Independent of the type of business, an essential requirement is that he is nice at sight and that the order is logical to facilitate their compression. First that you must know it is what loves your users and, from there, to place the information whom they ask for to you and the different elements that conform the page, so that they can follow a coherent route. To have a good designer who knows to combine the colors, the graphs, the information and the images can facilitate the work to us. In the end one is a tool than it must be different from the competition, reason why the originality also is a point to favor.

  3. Design responsive

    The increase of the number of users whom the different movable devices or tablets sail through forces to that the contents are adapted atodos they. The design responsive talks about to that the Web is completely adaptable to each type of device.

  4. Usability and navigability

    The design is important, but also the experience of user at the time of moving by the page and looking for the information. The objective is that the user can arrive at any page of the Web from where is. Some advice is the bars of navigation in the part superior, that can help the user to know their present location, the hierarchial structuring of the information and to place an internal web search engine.

  5. Original content

    The content of the Web must appear of clear and comprehensible form, but also it must be own, that is to say, that has not been copied of other websites. This will facilitate its positioning in Google. The video and the images are what it attracts the users more and take the most attractive and dynamic reading. Some factors that we must avoid:
    • To only speak than interests to him to the company, without thinking about which really the client wants.
    • To put too much disorderly information and.
    • That the information remains obsolete and out of date.
    • To include videos or music that reproduce automatically, since they make the slowest and habitually uncomfortable load.

  6. Optimized for the web search engines

    The Web must contain the excellent key words for your business, that is to say, those by which your potential clients are going to look for you in the finders as Google, Yahoo or Bing. The more excellent key words must be placed at the beginning of the title of each page and will have to be used for the writing of the own content of the Web.

  7. Periodic update

    The webpage cannot be static once designed, but it is necessary to update it or we will run the risk of which it is obsolete. The changes must take place in the content, but over the years also the design will require it, since the new technologies evolve constantly and will have to adapt to the changes.