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Advice to improve your positioning in Internet

To be positioned well in Internet is fundamental if we want to be in the first positions of the finders and to obtain the greater possible traffic to our website. In this entrance we go to present some of the basic strategies necessary to position to you of natural form, what is called positioning CATHEDRAL.

  1. It uses key words

    It is necessary to use key words so that the users can find us more easily. We must be asked why terms search we want to appear in the finder. This task is not easy, since the election of these terms will determine our visibility. It is important to generate ideas of words that you would use if you put yourself instead of the user, to analyze what words use your competitors and to discover the words whom it suggests, for example, Google in the Planner of key words of AdWords.

  2. It generates original content

    The creation of content for your website is necessary so that the user visits to you and, most difficult, to obtain than it remains in your page. Without content it is very difficult that you position to you in Internet. Some advice in the generation of contents:
    • He takes advantage of the key words selected to place them in the content of your webpage. This form we will be able to increase the possibilities to you that they find us. Taken care of with abusing the key words, since we can cause that the text is incomprehensible or we even can be sanctioned by Google, reason why all the work carried out he would be in vain.
    • He creates interesting content, that obtains that your users feel that has been worth the pain to visit the webpage and who they even want to return to consult it.
    • He creates attractive content, that is to say, that is easy to read and showy at sight. For it we must use short paragraphs, images, suitable typography, etc.
    • He takes advantage of the titles and the names page to optimize the page. He tries to place the key words at the outset and avoids the repetition of the title in several pages.
    • That it is possible easily to be shared through other social pages or networks.

  3. He secures incoming connections

    One is those connections that allow navigation within a same website. This point is very excellent, since each incoming link, that is to say, that redirige to our page, implies that they increase the possibilities of finding us in the finders and improving the positioning. Some ideas are to create contents in your own website. We can create a section of the news or new contained blog where to be updating the information and adding. Another option is to look for niches where to be able to collaborate and where to be able to connect your pages.

  4. It facilitates use experience

    The experience of use of a website also is one of the aspects that also evaluate the finders at the time of positioning the contents. For Google, some fundamental aspects are:
    • Speed of load of the websites: we must obtain that the speed of load is fastest possible, since this will allow that the experience of the users is better and spend more time sailing through her.
    • Optimization for other supports as mobile phones: at the moment most of the traffic comes from these devices, reason why we must obtain that our site is designed to favor the search and to obtain a nice experience through mobile or other supports as tablet.