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Internet as communication strategy

The enterprise communication has changed, mainly from the reinforcement of Internet and the use of the technologies of the information in the companies and the families. Internet comprises of our lives, but, in addition, it allows that any person who has a shining idea and a business strategy that endorses it can create a product or a service and to sell it anywhere in the world.

Its added value is the speed. Additionally, it contributes numerous advantages in the strategy of communication of a company:

  1. It allows to transfer information updated in real time.
  2. It does that our business pass of being local geographically to global.
  3. It facilitates not to have to be subject to schedules, giving flexibility to the client to interact with us, as well as to delocalize the sales.
  4. Help to improve our communication with and reasonable fluid, constant, cheap the client, and that this one is more interactive.
  5. It allows to optimize resources and times of attention to the client and the logistics of the orders, to improve the control and pursuit of the same and to increase the quality of served.
  6. It generates image name brand: the image of modernity, competitiveness and credibility of the SMEs increases when having a presence and a professional image in Internet.
  7. Help to realise a suitable measurement of visibility results and is present at name brand.

Therefore, Internet must comprise of the habitual strategies of communication of a company and all entrepreneur, commercial or executive director must think cross-sectionally looking for his integration and coherence with the rest of strategies of the company.