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Proactive commercial equipment

In an enterprise context so competitive cambiante and as the present one, the individual behavior of our force of sales, and its way to face the client and the attainment of the commercial objectives, plays a decisive role in the success of the company.

Nowadays we did not need recogepedidos professionals of the sale. We need proactive commercial equipment. According to Ralf Schwarzer, professor of Psychology of the University of Berlin, the proactive behavior is the belief of the people in his potential to improve to themselves, its situation and to his surroundings. The people who are in force by this behavior anticipate or detect potential threats and act to prevent them.

Steven Covey, in its made famous seven habits of the highly effective people, shelp that the essence of the proactive person is the capacity to lead its own life. Besides which pass to his around, the proactive person decides how it wants to react before those stimuli and centers its efforts in its circle of influence, that is to say, it dedicates itself to those things with respect to which it can do something.

And indeed professional of this form to think and to act they are those that we needed nowadays in our organizations. We need professionals who:

  • They are preparations to detect and to take an opportunity success.
  • They know to take brings back to consciousness of the situation and to be alert first of all what it happens, they see and they hear.
  • They can take the initiative.
  • They are not scared to assume the responsibility to cause that the things happen.
  • They know to develop an exposition of alternative actions.
  • They waste imagination and creativity.
  • They show will on watch.
  • They have brings back to consciousness moral.
  • They own vocation towards results.
  • They have success expectations and they own CAM.
  • They act to alter the course in the direction wished and more advisable for the company.