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How to construct a good logo

The logo of the company is the element that constitutes the graphical representation of the corporative denomination or the brand. Through logo, the company is easily able to be identified and to be recognized.

In a as competitive world as the present one, the first differentiation between companies that offer similar services is the name and the logo, the most basic elements of the image name brand. A good logo helps to offer a suitable image and to transmit values and concepts name brand that can be valued by the client as seriousness, solution, modernity or quality, elements nail to sell a product.

Normally, before the creation of the logo, the companies confront this work of little professional way…

  • The inspiration by Internet looks for, reason by which we lie down to reproduce elements already created by others but that we like.
  • They are developed with software that is to the habitual reach of the companies (Word, PowerPoint, Paint…) but that is not the appropriate ones, by its shortage of resources and its character nonvectorial, necessary to avoid that the logo pixele to the printed or extended being.

Our advice: you are businessmen, graphical nondesigners. To design a good logo is an investment that the company must confront more of the professionalized way.

Desirable characteristics in a good logo:

  1. Original: it must be creative to stand out on the rest of the competitors.
  2. Practitioner: it is the power quality to be printed in several supports and several sizes. He will have to allow the extension and reduction, and the representation in black and white gray and, conserving his legibility and without losing the details.
  3. Consistent: he must be coherent with the rest of the image of the company. He must communicate exactly what the company wishes to communicate and to go according to the philosophy of the same.
  4. Adapted to the hearing: it will have to adapt to the objective public as far as aesthetic, contents, colors, etc. Each profile of consumer will require a special treatment and an adapted visual content to its preferences of consumption.
  5. Professional: a professional graphical design transmits a sensation of solidity and solution that extends to the company represented by the logo.
  6. Lasting: that fashionable nonpass quickly. The design can too much be modern without being fashion and to avoid in this way to have to redesign it too much soon.

The colors used in the logo and symbols of the company and that will characterize all the communications of the company. They consider a key element to attract the attention of the public and to cause that a design is memorable. In the election of the color it is necessary to consider:

  1. The effects that cause in the diverse sectors of the public.
  2. The style and personality of the company.
  3. The concrete application of the logo in different surfaces and sizes. A suitable selection of colors will heighten the message and will act as to differentiate to us from the competition.