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The importance of the investigation techniques

In all process of investigation of markets, to obtain the data that needs, the interesting thing is to be able to combine different techniques from investigation of market, considering the diverse public objectives of the company. This combination of diverse techniques of investigation will allow us to enrich the conclusions of the report and to have a more complete vision of our surroundings, clients, competition, etc.

For this reason, we propose to use jointly technical of:

  • Quantitative investigation: the objective is to be able to pick up numerically different mensuarables aspects to value facing the exposition of the product strategy.
  • Qualitative investigation: it supposes the collection, analysis and data processing that are not objectively mensurable, and contribute information that serves to describe and to characterize a certain public, its behavior, opinion or situation by which happens. The qualitative techniques are used in exploratory investigations, that is to say, those that try to collect ampler and general to center the study object or to reflect a concrete situation. They are the best techniques to inform to a company into which are their general valuations, how they behave, how the company in the market is positioned, how it is located in the mind of the consumers, how they see products, which are those that know, what thinks of the brand, which are his tastes, preferences, the attributes that value, etc.

Between the techniques that usually we combine in our processes of investigation we emphasized:

  1. Personal interviews in depth (they could be actual or telephone): it consists of raising of a way stretched and opened a series of questions to the selected objective public, so that it allows to obtain a great amount of information. The habitual duration of each interview goes up to around the 30 minutes, and they are possible to be realised actually, called personal, or of telephone way, always previously deciding with the interviewed person one hour and day in which it can spend the time to us that needs in the execution. Difference of the surveys in which the questions much more are opened and is interacted continuously with the interviewed person, altering and extending the raised questions based on which it is commented. Therefore, more than a closed questionnaire, one is a script to follow in the course of the same. It is a very useful technique to obtain data on opinions, uses, customs and behaviors of these public. In this case, with the purpose of optimizing the costs and power to arrive at a base that not necessarily is in capital Saragossa, we propose the particularitity of which they are possible to be realised by telephone.
  2. Group techniques or Focus Group: she is one of the techniques that would help more in the execution of this project. A Focus Group is developed uniting in a same table of debate to several people, pertaining to his target or objective public, in a discussion focused and directed by a moderator, following a structure or script previously defined. With this technique information of first hand is obtained on opinions, attitudes, experiences, behaviors, habits, opinions, beliefs, and even on expectations in the participants in the investigation. The main value of a Focus Group is obtained of the interaction of the dynamics of group, that is to say, the idea that the answer of a person is able to become stimulus for another one, and so an interchange of answers with some is generated very interesting results. In addition it is a technique that allows to evaluate auxiliary materials that are shown in-situ the participants. These sessions group normally between 7 and 10 people who have been chosen and selected based on a defined profile. They are directed by a moderator who is raising the different questions that the investigation equipment has worked previously in the script of the Session. The duration of a Focus Group oscillates habitually between 1 and 2 hours and usually it registers in audio support and/or video to favor the later analysis of the information that is arising. Under this modality sessions of test of concept, product test can be developed, tastings, etc.
  3. Surveys online: it consists of the preparation of a questionnaire of short duration, of a consistent number of questions but of fast answer on a significantly ample sample that it allows to verify the opinions and characteristics us picked up in the other techniques. In order to accede of fast and economic way to a numerous sample, we could work on a platform of surveys online.
  4. Mistery Shopping or Client Mystery: it consists of representing the paper of usuary client/to be able to evaluate different aspects that take place at the moments of contact between the evaluated company and its client. The simulated interviews of purchase are based what is called on participant observation. Professionals especially preparations visit an establishment, realise calls and act as if they were potential clients. Its behavior totally is ruled and also the aspects that are observed and allows to obtain a data that otherwise would not be simple to obtain.