Who we are

Gabinet marketing is a company of professional services of Consultancy, Creativity and Formation, specialized in COMMERCIAL matter, ENTERPRISE MARKETING, DEDICATED SERVER and. Our company, located in Saragossa, was created by Luis Francisco Casado in 2002.

As Consulting specialized in Marketing and Commercial Management we developed our services in three areas of action:

  • Consultancy in Marketing and Commercial Management.
  • Graphical and Creative design of all type of supports of Communication and Image.
  • Formation in Marketing and Commercial Direction.

In addition, to complete our supply, we have created a space of Coworking in Saragossa, thought to combine different projects, professionals and specialties within the services related to Marketing and the world of the company. This allows us to agglutinate an interesting supply our clients and to offer corporate profits to professionals and SMEs who wish to give to know and to make profitable their projects and businesses.

We are an equipment of professionals of the Marketing and the world of the company.

Our MISSION is to contribute effective and effective solutions to the commercial and enterprise needs of our clients.

Our VISION, to be the Department of Marketing of those companies that lack a Department of own Marketing.

Gabinet marketing is characterized for being a company that offers:

  • Overall nature and integration of all type of services of Marketing.
  • Coherence and effectiveness of the actions raised with the general policy of the company client.
  • Creativity, originality and differentiation in our proposals and projects.
  • Dedication and customized treatment.


  • Consultants accredited by the Foundation To undertake in Aragon as experts in support of enterprising projects.
  • Collaborating consultant of the Aragonese Institute of Promotion of the Government of Aragon, within its Aragon Program Company and of the Unit of Entrepreneurs.
  • Consultants accredited in the program DESIGN MORE of the Department of Economy, Industry and Use of the Aragonese Center of Industrial Design (CADDY) of the Government of Aragon in 2010 and 2018.
  • Luis Francisco Casado is Professor Asociado of the Department of Direction of Marketing and Investigation of Markets of the University of Saragossa and technical Director of the Masters in Marketing and Communication 2,0 of Kühnel School of Businesses.
  • Habitual collaborators in Formative Programs of ESIC, Chambers of Commerce (Saragossa, Huesca, Teruel, Navarre and Lleida), Aragonese Institute of Promotion, CREATE, Aragonese Institute of the Youth and the main Centers of enterprise and occupational Formation in Saragossa.
  • Credited as company socially responsible with the seal for SME RSA 2019 granted by the Government of Aragon, Ceoe Aragon, CEPYME Aragon, the UGT Aragon and CCOO Aragon.
Seal of SME RSA 2019

Our services



Strategic marketing
Investigations of Mercado
Strategies of Commercial Direction
Branding and Desarrollo name brand

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Corporative image and Logos
Supports of Communication
Graphical and Advertising design
Design and Positioning Web

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Courses, Seminaries and Factories
Communications and Conferences
Formation In-Company
Commercial Coaching

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Jobs in shared space totally equipped
Sala de Reuniones
Additional service of secretaryship

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To whom we went?

Companies and associations

Companies and associations

We help in Diseño, Planning and Execution of Strategies and effective Enterprise Actions

Organisms and institutions

Organisms and institutions

We collaborate in Diseño and Ejecución of projects of invigoration of zones and groups

Enterprising projects

Enterprising projects

We orient and we helped to give form to the new ideas of business so that they become in fact

Schools of business

Schools of business

We collaborate in Diseño and the Teaching of Formative Programs, courses and seminaries

Modalities of execution of our services

Specific projects


Our services is also using cheap VPS web hosting, and our services concentrate in the execution of a specific and concrete Project, previously defined. We are really satisfied with the software like MySQL, PHP, and Java that our web hosting is providing. Our collaboration is temporary and concludes with the conclusion of the project.

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Suitable if a closer collaboration needs. It consists of subcontracting continuously, either throughout the exercise, or during a period of concrete time, the benefit of services within the marketing area.

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Modality of thought collaboration to help to the company in the creation and development of its own area of marketing, especially in periods of transition, as well as in the later supervision and advising to the directive equipment.

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The last news

Route of san Josemaria in Barbastro

We participate in the presentation of the new project that we have realised in collaboration with the Association of Businessmen Somontano Barbastro and the City council of Barbastro
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Aragon Company

We attend the event of Social Responsibility organized by Aragon Company in the Audience of Saragossa
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Seal of SME RSA 2019

Gabinet marketing renews its accreditation of company socially responsible with the obtaining for the seal of SME RSA 2019
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Saragossa camera

You already can register in the new Edition of the Cycles Specialized in Marketing and Commercial Management of the Chamber of Commerce of Saragossa
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